Pixel Glory: Light & Shadow - Successfully Funded!

We can’t fully express how grateful we are to everyone who backed this campaign, especially those that have followed us from the early days. We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s incredible support.

We’re confident that you will all love Pixel Glory: Light & Shadow. The game looks amazing thanks to our artists:

Clara Ng: https://www.instagram.com/claramakesamess/

Konstantin Boyko: https://twitter.com/pastyistasty


We reached our $30,000 stretch goal! This allows us to make every monster and spell in the Heroic Dungeon expansion a foil card! If you are not familiar with the Heroic Dungeon, this is a dungeon where all the monsters are much more powerful than the base game. This expansion also brings back all the monsters from the original Pixel Glory game.


We look forward to playing some Pixel Glory with everyone!

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