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Hi friend,

Thanks for checking out the About page; it means a lot that you are interested about us! There are a few things you should know about us... We're a family of friends that makes games and great experiences! We like our games to be engaging, and easy to pick up for gamers of all types Also, we believe that we're ladies and gentleman providing experiences to other ladies and gentleman; not a corporate company selling a product to a customer. If you spend money on our game, you're our family, and we go out of our way to take care of our own.

That's it. This is just a game publishing company after all ;).

The Zafty Team

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Frank Alberts


Frank is an industry professional. With experience as a freelance designer to his time working for a larger publishing company, he paid the iron price to learn how to create an excellent experience.

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Russell Ng


Russell is a true jack of all trades; equipped with a Computer Science degree, and game design experience in both tabletop and video gaming. His hand helps create and develop all things Zafty.

[email protected]

Matt Hawkins


Matthew is a faithful advocate of all things gaming. His background in proffessional gaming, passion for the gaming industry, and a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising/Marketing he brings a strength to Zafty.

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Clara Ng


Clara Ng is multimedia multi-talented and too smart for her own good. She dives headfirst into any project, whether it's art, programming, design, photography, video, or sculpting.

[email protected]

Konstantin Bokyo


Konstantin Bokyo is a pixel fanatic and a game enthusiast. He works in the serious games industry in New York City.

[email protected]

Ross Nunez


Zafty Artist by Night, Mudd Advertising Graphic Designer by Day! Ross is an illustration, digital art, and painting enthusiast.

[email protected]

Ashe Lewis


Ashe is the terror that flaps in the night. Ashe is scourge that pecks at your nightmares! ASHE IS DARKWING DU-- oh, no wait. No, we found him in the parking lot muttering and drawing pictures. Currently working for ArenaNet (GuildWars).

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Human by trade, Gamer at heart. You are the reason we exist.


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