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Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow is a standalone card game that expands the Pixel Glory universe while receiving the full remaster treatment. It introduces two new elements, light and shadow while featuring a new set of spells and monsters for fire, earth, and water. In addition to the classic competitive mode, there are now cooperative, secret traitor, solo, and 2v2 game modes.

For the new players, this game can serve as the definitive introduction to the Pixel Glory universe. You each play a wizard out on a quest to save the village from the monsters that inhabit the nearby dungeon. In the first phase of the game, you will master various elemental spells by drafting them through a unique auction-drafting mechanic. Once ready, you will enter the dungeon phase, where you will be using these spells to battle the most unimaginable of foes. Only once the final boss, the dungeon lord is defeated will the village be saved. However, the quest, while seemingly honorable, is one that you partake purely for personal gain. In reality, you’re a self-serving wizard only out to gain the admiration of the townsfolk. Not only do you have to survive the dungeon, you must use your spells wisely to outmaneuver your fellow wizards as only the one that deals the last hit on these monsters will reap the fame and the glory.

For the veterans, after reviewing your feedback, we made significant changes to the game. The dungeon has been completely revamped.

Collecting the most fame is not your only objective now, you also have to survive. We have introduced a new wizard health system. If you fail to take down a monster on your turn, they will fight back. Whether you’re sabotaging your fellow wizards in the classic competitive mode, or trying to keep your allies alive in our cooperative mode, this new threat brings a whole new layer to the game.

Players may die, but they aren’t eliminated! Haunt other players and use your combo points to cast spectral spells to gain bonus fame while dead!

As mentioned, there are now new ways to play Pixel Glory:

Cooperative – The town phase is significantly different. You will not be using auction cards, but you will still draft. To start, randomly deal 3 spells to each wizard; these will go into your deck. You then do a draft similar to how you normally do, but instead of bidding to go first, you alternate taking turns drafting first. Once you enter the dungeon, you’ll be fighting all 26 monsters instead of 15. Fame does not matter outside of bragging rights in co-op

Hidden Traitor – This a co-op variant. Before the town phase, shuffle and randomly assign the 5 identity cards to the players. There are 4 Wizard identities, and 1 Traitor. The wizards are trying to defeat the Dungeon Lord, and the Traitor is trying to sabotage and have the party be defeated. The town phase works the same way as the classic competitive mode where they have auction cards and place bids for draft order.

The Dungeon Phase is almost the same as co-op, with one exception. The traitor, if in the game and dies, will have access to their own unique ghost abilities as indicated on their identity cards. The traitor has to play all the spells in their hand just like they would in other game modes. You’ll have only one chance to vote to kill one of your party members, so choose wisely and be careful! Those traitor ghost abilities are STRONG! The traitor wins if the other wizards die without defeating the Dungeon Lord.

Solo Variant – Identical to co-op, except you’re only drafting the remaining six spells you need by yourself.

2v2 – The town phase is slightly different. Team mates may switch auction cards after bids have been revealed. For example, Player A & B are on a team against Player C & D. Player A reveals an 8, B reveals a 1, C & D reveal 3s.  Player A can swap their 8 for their teammate’s 1 to draft last instead of first. This creates a team dynamic in drafting.